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EOW (Economic Offences Wing) Cases

JPV Law associates has more than 20+ years experience in legal services. We have best criminal Lawyers in Delhi. We work for greater standards of service with a high degree of professionalism and responsiveness. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience of dealing with a wide variety of compliance problems, and has successfully challenged regulatory action in New Delhi and near by districts. We also have a great deal of experience under:

Case Processing :
  • Supreme Court of India
  • Delhi High Court
  • All District Courts

Expertise in:
  • Drafting complaints;
  • FIR registration;
  • Bails: Regular/Anticipatory;
  • FIR Quashing through High Court;
  • Criminal Trials.

EOW is a special investigation agency and it must only investigate cases that are complex in nature and require a dedicated probe. These would include cases of mass cheating, or those involving multiple companies, banks or state boundaries. Simple cheating or fraud cases can be probed at the police stations, even if it involves a huge amount.

Cases involving amounts more than ?2 Crore but are complex in nature and require specialized skills in investigation as well as those having social/inter-state ramifications may be investigated by EOW with prior permission of the police commissioner. The local police need to send a proposal for such cases to the Commissioner of Police for an approval of transfer. The branch investigates banking frauds, company’s frauds, scams in government projects, multi-level marketing or investment frauds, housing frauds, general cheating, etc.
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